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Tesla full service leasing for companies from Sixt Leasing

By choosing full-service leasing, you can devote your time to the core business. We take care of everything related to vehicles.

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The best offer for you:

  • all you need to know to get it is what type of car you need, 
  • what is the expected average annual mileage and,
  • how long you want to use the vehicle (average period 3-5 years).

We offer a full service warranty - insurances (casco and traffic), maintenance, normal wear and tear repairs, tires, etc. all included in the fixed monthly fee. You only need to choose the right vehicle!

Contact us and we will send you the most convenient service leasing offer within two working days!  

Full-service leasing - a smart alternative to owning a vehicle!

    Why choose a full-service leasing from Sixt Leasing?

    Profitable. Fixed monthly payment for the entire rent payment.One provider and one monthly bill for all services.

    Convenient. All questions related to the vehicle are solved by Sixt Leasing. The client needs to know only one phone number for all situations.

    Safe. Professional support 24/7, road side assistance and personal Sixt Leasing assistant.

    Questions regarding car leasing or fleet management?
    Call us and find out more!
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