Used car sales returned after operational leasing

SIXTi kasutatud autode müük | Pärast kasutusrenti tagastatud kasutatud autode müük

For your choice used passenger and commercial vehicles returned after the end of operational leasing with full service history.  

Cars and commercial vehicles e.g. Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Peugeot, Škoda, Honda, KIA and other are available for sale in our stock.   

All vehicles are one to five years old with full history are available for export with 0% VAT. We provide transportation of purchased vehicles within Europe and across the borders for additional charge (ask for offer).


Call us +372 638 1602 or write [email protected], and we will agree on the time of review and test drive. 

SIXT is a company with more than 15 years experience in the sale of new and used cars. We only sell proven cars with full service history. The cars we offer, we have bought new, organized and supervised their maintenance and repairs.

SIXT autode müük | Kasutatud autod

Apply, choose and buy a car remotely!

At the time when everyone is asked to stay at home or during period of self- isolation, we are offering our customers to purchase a chosen car remotely, without necessity of leaving your home!

To do so:

  • Please write to [email protected] or call +372 6381602, to let us know which vehicle you would like to see and possibly purchase.
  • Apply for video call to our sales consultant, via WhatsApp or Facetime phone apps.
  • During video call you will be able not only to find out all the necessary information but also view the vehicle of your interest.
  • Please note, that in order to make a video call your phone must have installed WhatsApp application (it can be downloaded for free on App Store un Google Play). Apple users can also make the call by using Facetime.

We are ready to provide all purchase process remotely. It consists of the following steps:

  • Choosing, viewing of the car by using the video call
  • Agreement signing by using an e-signature
  • Invoice payment with the bank transfer
  • Re- registration permit receiving 
  • New registration certificate receiving

Customers, who wish to view the chosen vehicle at our sales dealership, we are drawing to attention that we are undertaking following, regular measures for our customer and employee safety:

  • We are regularly performing vehicle and office disinfection;
  • We put protective covers on the steering wheel, gearshift and seats;
  • Our employees have not attended countries affected by COVID-19 in the past 2 month and we also follow our employee general health condition;
  • There are professional disinfectant available to both, our customers and employees;
  • We observe a distance when contacting with the customer.
  • In case if you have visited any of the countries affected by COVID-19 or you feel unwell, please apply to the vehicle viewing remotely.

Let’s be responsible!

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